Project Description

You dont have to devote the whole space to Multi-Sensory, sometimes a well designed sensory corner will do the job.

A small corner in any classroom can be easily converted into a quiet, calming space where students and teachers can refocus and regroup. TFH Canada provides Sensory Room products through, a Canadian, owned and operated family oriented company. The staff at TFH Canada personally understand and have personal experience of life and family with a diagnosis. These awesome Moms are here to answer questions 877-509-7524 about our products, our Sensory Rooms for therapies that include Snoezelen, as well as gift and educational ideas for all ages and abilities.

Age is NOT a limiting factor, we all have sensory needs and aversions (or dislikes) and every body reacts differently to different stimuli, everyday. Finding that happy balance, and encouraging creativity, communication, and relaxation are all part of the smiles and love that TFH Canada strives for everyday. We encourage you to witness what reactions the “Old and Wise” or the “Young and Seeking” have to the Sensory Room products provided and manufactured by TFH Canada.