Project Description

The sparkling beauty of these strands of colour changing, fibre optic, sparkle and blend colours seamslessly. Like beautiful jewelry scattered through space. Fibre Optic tails can define a space or provide an opening; Wearing Fibre Optic tail set as a scarf provides a gentle weight. The most tactile defensive among us may allow others into their space to “look at the tails”.

TFH Multi Sensory Room Fibre Optic Tails emit wonderful bright sparkles of light along their entire length. A fantastic tactile, visual and sensory resource to stimulate and inspire, grab visuals attention and encouraging tactile and communication interaction, with calming effects for many people.

TFH tails are Plastic Fibres and are very flexible and safer for young children and adults with alternative or special needs. The fibre optic tails (strands) are available standard in 2 quantities: 100, & 200 and 3 different lengths: 1m, 2m & 4m. These beautifully calming strands of lights are a ‘must have’ visual and tactile resource to create a whole new sensory environment.

TFH provides many different displays of Fibre Optics: wall mounted, cascading from a ceiling, draped through a bean bag, UV enclosures for leaf chairs, room dividers, door or entry covers, inside a carpet, and installed into ceiling tiles. Our manufacturing capability is truly unlimited. We have made tunnels, walls, and drapes out of fibre optics. We have installed them into bedrooms, bathrooms, pools, community centers, schools, hospitals, long term care centers, pediatric trauma centers, waiting rooms, dental offices, mobile sensory cart, portable sensory rooms, and even a Cat Boarding Hotel!