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Sensory rooms, Snoezelen Rooms, sometimes known as Multi Sensory Environments (MSE), are a specifically designed space which is safe and relaxing and where people of all ages and abilities can benefit. The use of a sensory room should be an enjoyable experience and should serve as space where the user can get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to simply relax or stimulate the senses.

The following examples showcase our work and offer examples from the UK, USA and Canada.

Building Relationships in MSEs

Building relationships is what we all want. Someone to walk through our journey with us. Multi Sensory Environments provide the medium to encourage these relationships. Who couldn’t have a fun experience to share again and again in a room like this. It doesn’t have to be complicated and doesn’t even require talking at first. Just share your experience with another and they may just share theirs with you. Having a room with multiple opportunities gives everyone a chance at making friends.

Fun with Fiber Optics

Fiber Optics are not only beautiful to look at but fun to play with too! You can’t help but want to touch or hit the strands to see how they can fly. This encourages reaching and even crossing midline to build multiple skills. This young lady is sitting on our Single Musical Waterbed. She is building her balance skills and may not even realize it. If the musical is on, she is feeling the vibrations from the musical which will naturally provide proprioceptive input and relaxation.

Complete Multi Sensory Environment

Complete Multi Sensory Environment able to meet a variety of sensory needs for a variety of diagnoses. This room includes the Big 3; Bubble Tube, Fiber Optics and Projector. By adding positioning pieces like the red/yellow Jr Therapy Chair and blue Relaxer you are able to instantly set a relaxing mood to the room. The sound sensitive pieces, Infinity Tunnel (left on wall) and Ladder Lights (behind red Jr Therapy Chair) provide an opportunity to control the environment as well as see what your voice can do. Tactile is also important and our Textured Wall provides 15 different textures to explore.

Sparkling Beauty of TFH Fibre Optics

The sparkling beauty of these strands of colour changing and sparkle emitting gently blend from one colour to another seamlessly. Like beautiful jewelry scattered through space. Fibre Optic tails can define a space or provide an opening; Wearing a set of 100 or 200 tails set as a scarf provides a gentle, calming, weight. The most tactile defensive among us may allow others into their space to “look at the tails”. TFH Multi Sensory Room Fibre Optic Tails emit wonderful bright sparkles of light along their entire length. Our shopping page at will show all of our options and products manufactured by us for your sensory room! Getting in touch is easy, call, email, or chat live on line with one of Sensory Specialists!



Toronto Children’s Hospital Sensory Room

Sensory and Distraction can provide pain control without the need for sedating drugs. Quick procedures can be deescalated with simple MSE products that aide a person to relax or stimulate, as needed.

MSE Sensory Room for Sensory in Kitchener, Ontario

(MSE) for Snoezelen therapy by TFH Canada. All ages and abilities have personalized programming to suit the individual abilities and needs of each guest.

Sensory Corner, St.Clair Catholic DSB

You dont have to devote the whole space to Multi-Sensory, sometimes a well designed sensory corner will do the job.

A small corner in any classroom can be easily converted into a quiet, calming space where students and teachers can refocus and regroup. TFH Canada provides Sensory Room products through, a Canadian, owned and operated family oriented company. The staff at TFH Canada personally understand and have personal experience of life and family with a diagnosis. These awesome Moms are here to answer questions 877-509-7524 about our products, our Sensory Rooms for therapies that include Snoezelen, as well as gift and educational ideas for all ages and abilities.

Age is NOT a limiting factor, we all have sensory needs and aversions (or dislikes) and every body reacts differently to different stimuli, everyday. Finding that happy balance, and encouraging creativity, communication, and relaxation are all part of the smiles and love that TFH Canada strives for everyday. We encourage you to witness what reactions the “Old and Wise” or the “Young and Seeking” have to the Sensory Room products provided and manufactured by TFH Canada.

Central London Sensory Room.

This sensory room was installed into a very old building with wooden walls. The installers enjoyed the challenge.

Childrens Sensory Room, Wirral

New Shuddabar installed - lean against it and it vibrates.

Sensory Teaching Area – Toronto

What better way to learn the benefits of a Sensory Room than to experience it. TFH Canada was invited to teach the benefits of Sensory Rooms to the Recreation and Leisure students of Centennial College. This introductory day was full of sensory moments, from broken “Describe-A-Phone” to “Group Necklace Making”. Each activity compounded upon the last and demonstrated just how deeply personal sensory is to every person.

A sensory room is a special room designed to develop a person’s sense, usually through special lighting, music, and objects.  It can be used as a therapy for children with limited communication skills.

“Sensory Room” is an umbrella term used to categorize a broad variety of therapeutic spaces specifically designed and utilized to promote self-organization and positive change. There are multiple types of sensory rooms and purposes for use that have been created and implemented in different practice areas to date. When used appropriately, sensory rooms:

Help to create a safe space
Facilitate the therapeutic alliance
Provide opportunities for engagement in prevention and crisis de-escalation strategies, as well as a host of other therapeutic exchanges (to teach skills, offer a variety of therapeutic activities, etc.)
Promote self-care/self-nurturance, resilience & recovery

Multi-sensory equipment is a vital and effective part in the treatment of sensory disorders with children and adults alike.

Sensory equipment can help develop key life skills including vocalization, gross motor skills, color recognition and tracking. Examples include sensory rooms, sensory pools, sensory bathrooms and sensory gardens.

They are also sometimes called “multi sensory room”, “white room”, or “quiet room”.