Project Description

High School Sensory Rooms are not new but are evolving with TFH interactive products. Making Sensory Spaces safe is as important as making them age appropriate. From auditory, to gross motor movement, all spaces within your sensory design must accommodate the diverse and alternative needs of your students. The physical size and weight of the students is as important as their cognition and function levels.  In order to make a sensory room or snoezelen room appealing and calming or stimulating for adult developing bodies, TFH ensures that the design is as universal in function and accommodation as possible.

Many school boards in Ontario are using the SEA Claim option from the Ministry of Education to enable students access to the necessary equipment for sensory function. High schools and Elementary schools often find that the Sensory needs of one student mirror the needs of another and are able to install a therapeutic Sensory Room within the school. Often times, schools dedicate a stand alone room to the sensory needs of its students.  However, when a dedicated space is not possible, an unused storage closet, corner of a class room, or adjoining space can be used.  TFH has also installed a discreet Sensory Room into a meeting or board rooms, although these rooms may not be as elaborate, they are very effective with a well planned design.

TFH Multi Sensory Room designers provide personalized attention to the specific needs of not only the student or adult in your care, they also have the experience to direct electrical and structural personnel to the specific needs of the Sensory products.

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