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Sensory rooms, Snoezelen Rooms, sometimes known as Multi Sensory Environments (MSE), are a specifically designed space which is safe and relaxing and where people of all ages and abilities can benefit. The use of a sensory room should be an enjoyable experience and should serve as space where the user can get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to simply relax or stimulate the senses.

The following examples showcase our work and offer examples from the UK, USA and Canada.

Sensory Corner, St.Clair High School

You do not have to devote a whole classroom to Multi-Sensory, sometimes a well designed sensory corner will do the job.


Central London Sensory Room.

This sensory room was installed into a very old building with wooden walls. The installers enjoyed the challenge.

Childrens Sensory Room, Wirral

New Shuddabar installed - lean against it and it vibrates.

Sensory Teaching Area – Toronto

What better way to learn the benefits of a Sensory Room than to experience it. TFH Canada was invited to teach the benefits of Sensory Rooms to the Recreation and Leisure students of Centennial College. This introductory day was full of sensory moments, from broken “Describe-A-Phone” to “Group Necklace Making”. Each activity compounded upon the last and demonstrated just how deeply personal sensory is to every person.


Young Adults Sensory Room, Bournemouth

All the floor padding in this room is removable allowing wheelchair access to the equipment.

High School Sensory Room, Ontario

Making Sensory Spaces safe is as important as making them age appropriate.

Adult Sensory Room, Leicester

Detail of some boxed-in wall padding to hide a number of pipes.

Some soft play equipment at a day centre in Bristol

The client wanted this large room split into a Sensory Room and a Softplay room for children.  We constructed a low internal wall to separate the areas while retaining good visibility of the space.