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Sensory rooms, Snoezelen Rooms, sometimes known as Multi Sensory Environments (MSE), are a specifically designed space which is safe and relaxing and where people of all ages and abilities can benefit. The use of a sensory room should be an enjoyable experience and should serve as space where the user can get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to simply relax or stimulate the senses.

The following examples showcase our work and offer examples from the UK, USA and Canada.

Small Sensory Room in Staffs

The Client wanted maximum accessibility to the Bubble Columns so they were set into the floor padding without a podium.

Sensory Room in use

This popular Sensory room in Birmingham is used by young adults, mainly for relaxation.

Busy Sensory Room

The client was keen to fit as much Sensory equipment as possible into a small space & we padded all around the equipment.